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In Pursuit of Authenticity.

Ever since I first started capturing senior portraits of my friends in high school, I knew portraiture would be an integral part of my photography work. But what is it about capturing portraits that are so inspiring and full of mystery? Well, for starters, every portrait is different. Sure, one can apply the same general principles and practices to each and every portrait.

But those pursuing genuine art know that the challenge of creating something unique and original forces us to find the most creative ways to showcase each individual's personal beauty. I see each new portrait as a challenge and a puzzle; trying to find the most authentic way to depict each individual person in their most vulnerable state while breaking down barriers. If you're looking for a skilled and experience Fort Collins portrait photographer, get in touch with me to book your next shoot!
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Where We'll Shoot

Unless otherwise requested, all shoots will take place in my studio location in Fort Collins, CO. But, I am always open to new and exciting locations (keep in mind, depending on your proximity to Fort Collins, a travel fee will be applied to all areas 15+ miles outside of Fort Collins at $1 per total travel mile). Please include in your inquiry if you have a specific shoot location in mind.
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Portrait Pricing


Package 01

1 hour session
1 person
1-3 outfits/person
5 edited photos
+$250 / extra person

Package 02

2 hour session
1 person
1-6 outfits/person
10 edited photos
+$500 / extra person

Package 03

3 hour session
1 person
1-10 outfits/person
20 edited photos
+$1,000 / extra person


+$50 / extra edited photo
+Travel fee (if applicable)*

Commercial Projects

From $300/hour of shooting
From $100/edited photo

Ready to Rock?

If you're ready to book your next photoshoot with me (a premier Fort Collins portrait photographer), please fill out the form below to get in touch.