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Matt Grandbois | Photographer

Hi, I'm Matt,

I'm a Fort Collins Photographer & Videographer.

I have over ten years of experience with portrait, product, travel, landscape, lifestyle, and event photography and over four years of experience with videography and filmmaking. I am confident I am the Fort Collins photographer & videographer who can help you with your next commercial or private-use photo/video project. 

Is your project outside of Fort Collins, CO? No problem! I am willing to travel anywhere in the world for commercial projects. Scroll down to learn more.
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Although I am always open to new ventures, these are the most common types of projects I work with:

Commercial Photography

Photos for products, models, events, tourism, and everything in between to be used for commercial purposes.


For you, your child, or the whole family. Portrait session prices vary depending on shoot times, people, and the number of photos delivered.

Commercial Video / Film

Videos and short films for advertising new products, services, experiences, and more to be used for commercial purposes.

Private Event / Wedding Photography

Full-service wedding/event photography for your special day or event. Prices vary by project length and needs.

Private Event / Wedding Videography

Videos for smaller private events and weddings. Perfect for capturing important moments to share with others around you.

Engagement Photos

Capturing the perfect moments between you and your new fiancé for you both to cherish for the rest of your life.
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🏳️‍🌈 I am an LGBTQ+ ally; all are welcome and respected.

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Large Commercial Projects

For larger commercial projects, please submit inquiries through my company website.
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