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Framing & Size Guide

All mockups on this website are used for display purposes only and do not reflect what is included with each print; frames and mats displayed on this website are not included.

Typical Frame Sizes

When ordering frames, please refer to this chart for standard frame sizes that will fit prints ordered from this website (keep in mind all prints from this website come with a 1″ border, and this table takes that into account):

Print Size*Frame Only*Frame WITH Matting*
8×1010×1211×14 w/ 8×10 mat opening
8×1210×1412×16 w/ 8×12 mat opening
11×1413×1616×20 w/ 11×14 mat opening
12×1814×2018×24 w/ 12×18 mat opening
16×2018×2220×24 w/ 16×20 mat opening
16×2418×2620×27 w/ 16×24 mat opening
20×2422×2624×30 w/ 20×24 mat opening
20×3022×3224×36 w/ 20×30 mat opening
24×3026×32**Custom frame recommended
24×3626×38**Custom frame recommended
28×3530×37**Custom frame recommended
30×4532×47**Custom frame recommended

*Size is measured in inches.

**For best framing results, a custom frame is recommended.

Ordering Custom Frames

Before ordering frames for prints ordered from this website, please read the following:

  •  All print sizes have been meticulously selected to ensure compatibility with common frame sizes found in stores and online. Amazon and Michael’s are great places to order standard frames, as pre-made frames are the most cost-effective.
  • All prints come with a 1″ border, which means you will need to account for this when framing.
  • Should you choose a frame with matting, you will have to ensure the mat opening is the same as the print size you ordered (the border size will not affect mat opening size since the border will be behind the mat, used to attach the print to the mat). For instance, if you ordered an 8×10 print, you will have to find a frame that is either 10×12″ if you do not want matting, or a frame with a mat that has an opening of 8×10 (typically in this case the frame will be 11×14″).

Size Guide

  • All prints come with a 1″ border, which adds 2″ to each dimension. For example, an 8×10″ print will actually be 10×12″ with the border, a 12×18″ print will actually be 14×20″, and so on.
  • Borders not only serve an aesthetic purpose, but also help when it comes to matting and framing.
  • If you are unsure of what size to order for your space, a good rule of thumb is to measure your space, determine your frame size, and ensure the framed print will not consume the entire wall space or look out of place when hanging.
  • If you need assistance with picking a size, please feel free to email me and I’m happy to help: matt@mattgrandbois.com